WOD: 6-22-12

WOD: 3 rounds for total reps:

1 min AMRAP of: Hang Power Clean (95/65)
1 min AMRAP of: Front Squats (95/65)
1 min AMRAP of: Strict Press (95/65)
3 minutes rest between rounds. At some point in the 3 minutes of resting you have to run 200M.


3 minutes on of work…Let’s see what else can be done in three minutes…rapid fire…GO!

  • Count to 180
  • Anything you can do in one minute, but three times
  • Get the gist of what happens in Lost (in a nutshell)
  • Get the world record in Sudoku…almost twice.
  • Run over a mile (at Usain Bolt’s 100M world record pace)
  • This?!?!?!  kinda weird.
  • Eat 8 powdered donuts in 3 minutes without licking your lips (ties the world record)
  • This…can’t really believe this is a thing
  • Eating 180 grapes…by spoon no less!
  • Box 1 round
  • Shit loads of reps on this workout and also run while you have get to rest…

Wait, what?



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